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Scientific Paper Award 2015



Scientific Paper Award 2015: winning and shortlisted articles

Basic biological, neurobiological and behavioural research shortlist

  1. Vallée, M., Vitiello, S., Bellocchio, L., Hébert-Chatelain, E., Monlezun, S., Martin-Garcia, E, Kasanetz, F., Baillie, G. L., Panin, F., Cathala, A., Roullot-Lacarrière, V., Fabre, S., Hurst, D. P., Lynch, D. L., Shore, D. M., Deroche-Gamonet, V., Spampinato, U., Revest, J. M., Maldonado, R., Reggio, P. H., Ross, R. A., Marsicano, G., Piazza, P. V., (2014), ‘Pregnenolone can protect the brain from cannabis intoxication’, Science, 343, 6166, p.94-98.
  2. Sandtner, W., Schmid, D., Schicker, K., Gerstbrein, K., Koenig, X., Mayer, F. P., Boehm, S., Freissmuth, M., Sitte, H. H., (2014), ‘A quantitative model of amphetamine action on the 5-HT transporter’, British Journal of Pharmacology, 171, 4, p.1007-1018.

Population based and epidemiology research shortlist

  1. Ort, C., Eppler, J. M., Scheidegger, A., Rieckermann, J., Kinzig, M., Sörgel, F., (2014),‘Challenges of surveying wastewater drug loads of small populations and generalizable aspects on optimizing monitoring design’, Addiction, 109, 3, p.472-481.
  2. Pierce, M., Bird, S. M., Hickman, M., Millar, T., (2014), ‘National record linkage study of mortality for a large cohort of opioid users ascertained by drug treatment or criminal justice sources in England, 2005-2009’, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 146, p.17-23.
  3. Liebregts, N., van der Pol, P., de Graaf, R., van Laar, M., van den Brink, W., Korf, D, J., (2014), ‘Persistence and desistance in heavy cannabis use: the role of identity, agency, and life events’, Journal of Youth Studies, 18, 5, p. 617-633.
  4. van der Pol, P., Liebregts, N., Brunt, T., van Amsterdam, J., de Graaf, R., Korf, D, J., van den Brink, W., van Laar, M., (2014), ‘Cross-sectional and prospective relation of cannabis potency, dosing and smoking behaviour with cannabis dependence: an ecological study’, Addiction, 109, 7,  p.1101–1109.
  5. Giordano, G. N., Ohlsson, H., Kendler, K. S., Sundquist, K., Sundquist J., (2014), ‘Unexpected adverse childhood experiences and subsequent drug use disorder: a Swedish population study (1995-2011)’, Addiction, 109, 7, p.1119–1127.
  6. Beck, F., Legleye, S., Chomynova, P., Miller P., (2014), ‘A quantitative exploration of attitudes out of line with the prevailing norms toward alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use among European students’, Substance Use and Misuse, 49, 7, p.877-890.
  7. Legleye, S., Piontek, D., Pampel, F., Goffette, C., Khlat, M., Kraus, L., (2014), ‘Is there a cannabis epidemic model? Evidence from France, Germany and USA’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 25, 6, p.1103-1112.

Demand reduction research shortlist

  1. Weaver, T. & Metrebian, N., Hellier, J., Pilling, S., Charles, V., Little, N., Poovendran, D., Mitcheson, L., Ryan, F., Bowden-Jones, O., Dunn, J., Glasper, A., Finch, E., Strang, J., (2014), ‘Use of contingency management incentives to improve completion of hepatitis B vaccination in people undergoing treatment for heroin dependence: a cluster randomised trial’, The Lancet , 384 , 9938, p.153-163.
  2. Malmberg, M., Kleinjan, M., Overbeek, G., Vermulst, A., Monshouwer, K., Lammers, J., Vollebergh, W. A., Engels, R. C., (2014), ‘Effectiveness of the 'Healthy School and Drugs' prevention programme on adolescents' substance use: a randomized clustered trial’, Addiction, 109, 6, p.1031-1040.
  3. Beck, T., Haasen, C., Verthein, U., Walcher, S., Schuler, C., Backmund, M., Ruckes, C., Reimer, J., (2014), ‘Maintenance treatment for opioid dependence with slow-release oral morphine: a randomized cross-over, non-inferiority study versus methadone’, Addiction, 109, 6, p.617-626.
  4. Palmateer, N. E., Taylor, A., Goldberg, D. J., Munro, A., Aitken, C., Shepherd, S. J., McAllister, G., Gunson, R., Hutchinson, S. J., (2014), ‘Rapid decline in HCV incidence among people who inject drugs associated with national scale-up in coverage of a combination of harm reduction interventions’, PLoS One, 9, 8, e104515.
  5. Gilchrist, G., Moskalewicz, J., Nutt, R., Love, J., Germeni, E., Valkova, I., Kantchelov, A., Stoykova, T., Bujalski, M., Poplas-Susic, T. and Baldacchino, A., (2014), ‘Understanding access to drug and alcohol treatment services in Europe: A multi-country service users’ perspective’, Drugs: education, prevention and policy, 21, 2, p.120-130.
  6. Neale, J., Nettleton, S., Pickering, L., (2014), ‘Gender sameness and difference in recovery from heroin dependence: A qualitative exploration’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 25, 1, p.3-12.

Drug policy shortlist

  1. Gonçalves, R., Lourenço, A., Silva, S. N., (2015), ‘A social cost perspective in the wake of the Portuguese strategy for the fight against drugs’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 26, 2, p.199-209. Published online: 6 September, 2014.
  2. Lievens, D., Vander Laenen, F., Christiaens, J., (2014), ‘Public spending for illegal drug and alcohol treatment in hospitals: an EU cross-country comparison’, Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy, 9, 26.
  3. Decorte, T., (2015), ‘Cannabis social clubs in Belgium: Organizational strengths and weaknesses, and threats to the model’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 26, 2, p.122-130. Published online: 31 July, 2014.
  4. Koechl, B., Danner, S: M., Jagsch, R., Brandt, L. Fischer, G., (2014). ‘Health-related and legal interventions: A comparison of allegedly delinquent and convicted opioid addicts in Austria’, Drug Science, Policy and Law, January 2013 - December 2014, Vol. 1, 2050324514528449.
  5. Bewley-Taylor, D. R., (2014), ‘Legitimacy and modernity via policy transfer: The utility of the 2003 Afghan National Drug Control Strategy’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 25, 5, p.1009-1118.

Drug supply shortlist

  1. Chouvy, P. A., Afsahi, K., (2014,), ‘Hashish revival in Morocco’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 25, 3, p.416-423.
  2. Vanhove, W., Surmont, T., Van Damme, P., De Ruyver, B., (2014), ‘Filling in the blanks. An estimation of illicit cannabis growers’ profits in Belgium’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 25, 3, p.436-443.
  3. Lavorgna, A., (2014), ‘Internet-mediated drug trafficking: towards a better understanding of new criminal dynamics’, Trends in Organized Crime, 17, 4, pp 250-270.
  4. Boivin, R., (2014), ‘Risks, prices, and positions: A social network analysis of illegal drug trafficking in the world-economy’, International Journal of Drug Policy, 25, 2, p.235-243.



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