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European exchange on Brief Interventions and Motivational Interviewing for people using drugs

‘Early intervention’ is repeatedly mentioned in EU drugs strategies and is supported by evidence especially for alcohol users, but little is known about how and for which target groups it is actually being used in member states. Little known are also the possibilities of using established techniques for alcohol users like Brief Intervention and Motivational Interviewing in other settings and for users of other substances, even though a recent review found some evidence in reducing substance use if compared with no intervention. Policy makers and professionals might need to know more about how to implement these strategies in larger scale and about the obstacles to be expected when passing scientific findings into practice. The EMCDDA invited experts with experiences related to each of those questions.

The objectives of the meeting were to share views and experience on

  • implementation barriers and effects, including issues of fidelity;
  • transferability to other settings and organisational contexts;
  • applicability for substances other than alcohol, above all cannabis and new drugs;
  • roll-out within primary health or prevention systems;
  • transferability across countries;
  • use in street work and outreach work settings.
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