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European exchange on similarities and differences in treatment systems in Europe and consequences for treatment monitoring

 The EMCDDA organized a one day technical meeting on the 18th of January 2012 which formed part of the work to develop a new EMCDDA treatment data collection strategy. It was attended by treatment experts delegated from eight National Focal Points, a treatment expert from Switzerland and EMCDDA consultants in charge of the project Assessment of national estimates of the number of people in drug treatment (CT.11.IBS.054).

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss ways to improve the quality and completeness of the national estimates of the number of clients in treatment and
to identify potential information gaps and sharing experiences regarding the usefulness of a generic map of treatment systems in synthesizing national treatment information to respond to information needs of stakeholders at national level.

Presentations from the EMCDDA staff and from the consultants are available below as well as the outcomes of the discussions and workshops that took place during the meeting.

For further information on the meeting, please contact Alessandro Pirona.
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EMCDDA presentation
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Trutz Haase presentation
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Meeting report
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