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External evaluation 2000

In 1999, 5 years after the creation of the EMCDDA, the Management Board, under the chairmanship of Mr F. J. Bindert, commissioned an external evaluation of the Agency's activities and organisation. The Agency decided on its own to conduct this evaluation after the end of its construction phase and on the eve of the Enlargement, taking also into account the fact that there was no suitable precedent or reference in Europe at the start. The key issues for this evaluation were:

  • the relevance and quality of EMCDDA's activities since inception;
  • the degree of success in establishing and operating networks (particularly Reitox) to enhance the Centre's ability to carry out its functions;
  • the logistical and administrative efficiency, and value for money;
  • the adequacy of EMCDDA's resources to meet its operational challenges;
  • the Centre's potential to cope with the growing issues of EU enlargement.

The evaluation report delivered in January 2000 made specific recommendations for the improvement of the organisation, working methods and outputs of the EMCDDA.

The documents below show the steps taken from the evaluation up until the final reform proposal which paves the way for the EMCCDA's future.

Documents on the Reform
Evaluation presentation
Deloitte & Touche's summary presentation on the evaluation results
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Evaluation report
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Decision of the Management Board
Decision of the Management Board of 3 March 2000, relating to the evaluation of the EMCDDA
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Internal Reform plan
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Complete text
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