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Economic aspects

Work group on costs / cost effectiveness

This group explored methods for estimation of direct and indirect costs of drug-related problems. The initial work has concentrated on estimating health care costs of infections with hepatitis C. At a first meeting available data were reviewed and an overview was produced of epidemiological, modelling and economic aspects, including a literature review. Also, a model was presented that has been developed for estimating cost-effectiveness of interventions on hepatitis B. This work is intended to produce estimates for all 'social costs' (direct and indirect) of drug use as well as cost-effectiveness and scenario analyses of interventions.


Hans Jager
National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
Division for Health Services Research
Department for Public Health Forecasting
Antonie van Leeuwenhoelaan 9
P.O. Box 1
NL - 3720 Bilthoven
The Netherlands
Email: Hans.Jager@rivm.nl


Erik Van Ameijden (The Netherlands)
Fernando Antoñanzas (Spain)
Catherine Comiskey (Ireland)
Carla Rossi (Italy)
Crispino O'Connell (Ireland)
David Goldberg (United Kingdom)
Gordon Hay (United Kingdom)
Matthew Hickman (United Kingdom)
Mirjam Kretzschmar (The Netherlands)
Marita Van De Laar (The Netherlands)
Maarten Postma (The Netherlands)
Lucilla Rava (Italy)
Robert Welte (The Netherlands)
Lucas Wiessing (EMCDDA, Portugal)
Ardine De Wit (The Netherlands)
Brigitta Zuiderma-van Gerwen (The Netherlands)

Work group on drug markets / policy measures

This group has started reviewing the field and links up with another EMCDDA modelling project that has started analysing heroin markets and the effects of substitution therapy. A meeting was held in Lisbon 23-24 October 2000. Researchers from different backgrounds interested in pursuing research in this area participated in the meeting. The review of the empirical estimates of factors influencing supply or demand for any illicit substance was presented. The meeting concluded that currently only isolated research into modelling drug markets is taking place within Europe, and that there is a need to seek funding to support this type of research. A number of areas were highlighted as having the potential for further research in developing market models with direct policy relevance.

The Proceedings (415 KB) of the meeting held in Lisbon on 23-24 October 2000 are available. An executive summary (25 KB) of these Proceedings is also available.



Christine Godfrey
University of York
Centre for Health Economics
UK - York Y01 5DD
United Kingdom
Email: cg2@york.ac.uk

Chloe Carpentier
Rua Cruz de Santa Apolônia, 23-25
1149-045 Lisbon
E-mail: Chloe.Carpentier@emcdda.org


Nacer Lalam (France)
Laetitia Paoli (Germany)
Juan Tecco (France)
Gernot Tragler (Austria)
Giovanni Trovato (Italy)
Toon van der Heijden (The Netherlands)
Richard Hartnoll (EMCDDA)
Lucas Wiessing (EMCDDA)

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