Work programme 2001–03


The 2001–03 work programme provides a new working framework for the EMCDDA. It is based on the EMCDDA founding regulation; the EU Joint action on new synthetic drugs, adopted on 16th June 1997 by the Council; the medium term perspectives and objectives for the EMCDDA and REITOX network as adopted by the EMCDDA management Board in September 2000; the EU Action plan on drugs (2000–04), as endorsed by the European Council in June 2000; and the EMCDDA internal reform plan, as endorsed by the EMCDDA Management Board in September 2000, to give follow up to the external evaluation of the Centre.  Read more >>

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Table of contents

  • Explanatory memorandum
    • The foundations of the work programme for 2001–03
    • Basic principles and constraints affecting the work programme for 2001–03
  • The structure and the contents of the work programme 2001–03
  • The resources
  • Annex 1: Opinion of EMCDDA Scientific Committee on the work porgramme 2001–03
  • Annex 2: Presentation of the Reitox enlargement and communicaiton/dissemination activities
  • Annex 3: Procedures for the implementation of the work programme
  • Annex 4: Organisational structure to implement the work programme
  • Annex 5: Resources available to implement the work programme 2001–03