Work programme 2004–06


The EMCDDA 2004–06 work programme, adopted by the Management Board, aims to consolidate and develop the EMCDDA’s achievements while facing the challenge of EU enlargement cope with relevant EU priorities and any changes resulting from the expected modification of the EMCDDA founding regulation, and keep in tune with the capabilities of Member States and Reitox national focal points to finance and undertake national work in the drugs’ field. Reitox focal points and the EMCDDA Scientific Committee were involved at an early stage in preparation of the work programme. 

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Table of contents

  • Evolution of the drug phenomenon in Europe and the EMCDDA contribution
    • Evolution of the drug phenomenon in Europe over the last 10 years
    • The EMCDDA’s role and contribution over the last 10 years
  • Challenges for the EMCDDA: a changing context/environment
    • The challenges
    • A flexible and phased work programme to meet the challenges
  • Working framework and key objectives of the 2004–06 Work programme: a streamlines set of output driven objectives
    • Underlying principles
    • The Working framework
    • Key operational objectives and expected outputs/results
  • Means and resources required: adequateness and efficiency
  • Annex 1: Matrix of the 2004–06 Work programme
  • Annex 2: 2004–06 key objectives and outputs/results relating to the contribution of Reitox to the implementation of the EMCDDA 2004–06 Work programme (Reitox coordination and Focal points)
  • Annex 3: 2004–06 key objectives and outputs/results relating to the EMCDDA communication and dissemination activities
  • Annex 4 : EMCDDA programme/project based organisation