Work programme 2003


The 2003 annual work programme defines the projects to be undertaken in the various thematic areas outlined in the 2001–03 work programme and continues to work on implementing the goals and objectives set out within it. The content of the work programme is consistent with the aims, principles and priorities outlined in the 2001–03 work programme. It concentrates on monitoring the drug situation, monitoring responses to the drug problem, implementing the 1997 Joint action on new synthetic drugs, monitoring national and Community strategies and policies and their impact on the drug situation. These activities are supported by dissemination and administrative initiatives and by the Reitox network of national focal points. Special attention is also devoted to EU enlargement in accordance with the 'Enlargement strategy' adopted by the Management Board. A budget of EUR 10 220 750 was adopted for the implementation of the 2003 work programme. Of this, 33 % of the resources are earmarked for monitoring the drug situation; 28 % for monitoring responses; 15 % for the Reitox network; 15 % for monitoring strategies and their impact; and 9 % for implementing the Joint action on new synthetic drugs.

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Table of contents

  • Background and foundations of the Work programme for 2003
  • The structure and the contents of the Work programme for 2003
    • The structure: thematic matrix and priority ranking
    • The content of the programmes
  • The resources
  • Annex 1: 2003 transversal activities concerning Reitox and enlargement, communication and dissemination and cooperation under articles 12 and 13 of the EMCDDA founding regulation
  • Annex 2: Structure, procedures and schedule for the preparation of the 2003 Annual report on the state of the drug phenomenon in the European Union
  • Annex 3: Opinion of the EMCDDA Scientific Committee on the 2003 Work programme