Work programme 2004


The EMCDDA 2004 work programme is the first phase of the 2004–06 programme. In particular, it aims to meet the challenge of integrating the new Member States into the EMCDDA's structures and activities, and to build on the EMCDDA’s achievements to date, especially in the field of monitoring and analysis — with special attention to implementing the new REITOX reporting system — and developing new information processes. In addition, reporting of the drug phenomenon is being streamlined, with a reshaping of the agency’s annual report and other output. The aim is to produce several products — web material, press releases, policy briefings, scientific articles, etc – from one piece of work, thus exploiting the full potential of information collected and enhancing the reputation of both the EMCDDA and Reitox focal points.

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Table of contents

  • Foundations of the 2004 work programme
  • Working framework and priorities for 2004
  • Means and resources
  • Annex: Thematic matrix for the 2004 work programme


Formal opinion of the Scientific Committee on the 2004–06 and 2004 work programmes of the EMCDDA