Work programme 2005


The EMCDDA work programme (WP) for 2005 continues the implementation of the EMCDDA three year work programme (2004–06) and therefore necessarily reflects the structure of the longer term strategy. In particular, the 2005 WP will consolidate the work to integrate the new Member States in the EMCDDA structures and activities, continue the core work to improve information tools to better monitoring and report on the European drug situation, and further develop an improved information management capacity in the EMCDDA by investing in the development of a more efficient system for information storage and retrieval. In 2005 the EMCDDA will therefore focus its work on the following priority areas.

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Table of contents

  • Foundations of the 2005 work programme
  • The working frameworks
  • The priorities for 2005
  • The main objectives and activities for 2005
  • Means and resources
  • Annex 1: Thematic matrix for the 2005 work programme
  • Annex 2: REITOX contribution to the implementation of the EMCDDA 2005 WP (REITOX Coordination and National Focal Points activities)
  • Annex 3: 2005 objectives and activities for the EMCDDA communication and data dissemination
  • Annex 4: Structure, procedures and schedule for the preparation of the 2005 Annual Report on the State of the Drug Phenomenon in the European Union

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