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The EU drugs action plan (2005-2008)

Having examined the proposal of the Commission put forward in February 2005, the Council endorsed the EU drugs action plan (2005-2008) in June 2005 (taking fully into account the final evaluation of the EU drug strategy and EU action plan (2000-2004).  

The Action plan follows the structure and the objectives of the EU drugs strategy (2005-2012). It focuses on two policy domains - demand reduction and supply reduction - and two cross-cutting themes - international cooperation and research, information and evaluation.  It lists around 100 specific actions to be implemented by the EU and its Member States by the end of 2008. Assessment tools and indicators, responsability for implementation and deadlines are clearly indicated for each action.

On the basis of the work of the EMCDDA and Europol, the Commission will carry out an impact assessment in 2008 with a  view to proposing a second action plan for the period 2009-2012.  

The EU drugs action plan is also a component of 'the Hague Programme: ten priorities for the next five years - the partnership for European renewal in the field of Freedoom, Security and Justice'. 

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EU drugs action plan (2005-2008) endorsed in June 2005.
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