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29 May–1 June 2012, Lisbon

First Reitox week

The first Reitox week gathers representatives of national focal points, national correspondents and experts from more than 40 countries, including EU Member States and Norway, Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries and Neighbouring Countries, as well as Russia. The Reitox week is divided into two parts, each with distinctive aims:

  • the first part of the ‘extended’ Reitox network intends to foster the exchange of ‘know-how’ and experiences between all participating countries on practical and thematic issues related to the work of the focal point/national drug observatory, and to the monitoring of the drugs situation at both the national and European level;

  • the second part is restricted in participation to the EMCDDA Reitox members (national focal points from the EU Member States, Norway, Croatia and Turkey, and the EC FP) and focuses on decision-making and other grant-related processes.

Meeting documents

Full programme (PDF)

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