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20–22 October 2010, Brussels
First European conference on drug supply indicators

Conference lays groundwork for monitoring drug markets, crime and supply reduction

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The last two years have seen unprecedented interest, both technically and politically, in improving the evidence base for understanding issues of drug supply. In this optic, the European Commission and the EMCDDA have joined forces to organise, with the active involvement of Europol, the first European conference on drug supply indicators.

The purpose of the conference, held in Brussels from 20–22 October, was to launch the process for designing a new European strategy for monitoring drug markets, crime and supply reduction.

The event gathered, for the first time at European level, around 120 European and international experts, such as law enforcement officers, forensic scientists, criminologists, national data collection specialists, data analysts, economists, policy/intelligence analysts and technical staff of EU and international institutions, to devise a plan to implement the information tools needed to understand these key facets of the drugs phenomenon.

This milestone event is expected to make an important contribution to achieving the objectives of the EU drugs action plan (2009–12), while also supporting the EMCDDA in its mission to develop indicators that can paint an overall picture of Europe's drugs phenomenon.

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