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Annual report 2009

Press contacts

Helpdesks will operate at the EMCDDA (Lisbon) on the day of the launch to answer journalists’ questions.

General questions on the content of the Annual report and requests for interviews:  

  • Tel. ++ 351 211 21 02 97 — Dominique Lopez (English and French)

Questions related to these specific issues:   

  • ‘Spice’ products and new psychoactive substances: Tel. ++ 351 211 21 02 92 — Roumen Sedefov (English, Bulgarian)
  • Selected issue on Drug offences: sentencing and other outcomes: Tel. ++ 351 211 21 02 11 — Brendan Hughes (English)
  • Selected issue on Polydrug use: patterns and responses: Tel. ++ 351 211 21 02 10 — Deborah Olszewski (English)

Helpdesks at the Reitox focal points

will answer country-specific queries.

05.11.2009: Annual report 2009 launch

  • Launch date: Thursday 5 November 2009
  • Time: 10:00 CET (Brussels time)
  • Venue: European Parliament press room (JAN 6Q2, Joszef Antall Building), Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Brussels

The upcoming report provides the latest European data and commentary on the drug situation across the 27 EU Member States, Croatia, Turkey and Norway. Individual chapters dedicated to specific drugs are complemented by updates on drug-related infectious diseases and deaths, new drugs and emerging trends and the legal, political, social and health responses to Europe’s drugs problem.

Annual report package

  • publication thumbnailAnnual report 2009 November 2009 The report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe presents the EMCDDA's yearly overview of the drug phenomenon.
  • publication thumbnailPolydrug use: patterns and responses November 2009 This 'Selected issue' looks at the concomitant or consecutive use of different licit and illicit drugs (polydrug use) among adolescents, young adults and problem drug users.
  • publication thumbnailDrug offences: sentencing and other outcomes November 2009 The sentences that offenders receive for drug law violations across the European Union are examined for the first time in this 'Selected issue'.
  • publication thumbnailUnderstanding the 'Spice' phenomenon November 2009 This Thematic paper examines the smokable, herbal mixtures sold under the brand name 'Spice'.
  • publication thumbnailDrugnet Europe 68: November 2009 In this issue: EMCDDA releases Annual report 2009; Selected issues 2009: Drug offences: sentencing and other outcomes and Polydrug use: patterns and responses.

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