1st NAAC Congress - Science Behind Addictions

EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel is in Nicosia today attending the first scientific conference organised by the National Addictions Authority of Cyprus (NAAC). The two-day event, ‘Science behind addictions’, aims to foster dialogue and knowledge exchange in the areas of prevention, treatment and harm reduction. The conference brings together scientists, academics, addiction professionals, university students and the NAAC’s own network of professionals from Cyprus and abroad.

Participants at the conference will be discussing current developments in the field of addiction, including: new forms of addiction, substance use in recreational settings, alternatives to coercive sanctions, pathological gambling and alcohol and tobacco use. Through state-of-the art knowledge, the event will help empower health professionals to provide safe and scientifically-proven care to drug users and adopt more modern approaches to tackling addiction.

Speaking at the opening session, where he presented the key findings of the European Drug Report 2019, Alexis Goosdeel said: ‘Addiction and addictive behaviours should be scientifically understood. Policies should be planned on the basis of this understanding in order to address these problems appropriately. This is a key principle behind the work of the EMCDDA’.

Mr Goosdeel also made a presentation on ‘Prevention systems in Europe: how to bring innovative approaches from science to the field?’


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