EMCDDA Director's visit to Latvia

EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel is in Riga today where he will be meeting the Latvian Minister of Health Ilze Viņķele and State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior Dimitrijs Trofimovs.The purpose of the visit is to discuss policies to address the drugs problem, both from a Latvian and European perspective. During the day, the Director will meet Iveta Gavare, Director of the country’s Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC), which hosts the national focal point (NFP) of the Reitox network. They will be joined by Head of the NFP Laura Isajeva and colleagues.

Following a press conference, Mr Goosdeel will proceed to the Addiction Centre of Olaine Prison and the Latvian Medical Association. The visit will conclude with a discussion with the non-governmental sector, chaired by Professor Dzintars Mozgis, EMCDDA Management Board member and president of the Latvian Association of Physicians. Involving physicians, psychiatrists, health care managers and narcologists, the session will focus on trends and developments in the drugs field in general and the medical use of cannabis in particular.

Press conference

  • Alexis Goosdeel, EMCDDA Director
  • Jānis Bekmanis, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of the Interior
  • Dzintars Mozgis, Deputy Director of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on Public Health Prevention, President of the Latvian Association of Physicians, EMCDDA Management Board member

Time: 11.30

Place: Čiekurkalns Line 1, k-2.
Ministry of Interior's Communication Department: Gunta Skrebele — Tel. 67219363

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