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European agencies have been set up in successive waves since the mid 1970s and today form an important part of the EU’s institutional landscape. Responding to needs identified by the EU and its Member States, they perform a variety of legal, technical and scientific tasks across a broad range of policy areas.

Each agency is unique and fulfils an individual function. Together they provide information and advice, prepare and take decisions, oversee operations and support policymaking. While some develop know-how and expertise, others integrate different interest groups and facilitate dialogue at European and international level.

Today the agencies represent a significant presence across the Member States, their location helping to bring the EU closer to its citizens.

Entrusting the agencies with specific tasks has become an established part of the way in which the EU now conducts its business.

At the upcoming exhibition at the European Parliament, the agencies will present in four thematic clusters how they work together on a broad range of policy issues.

Download the full programme (PDF).
Exhibition programme at a glance.

When and where?

The exhibition will take place from 31 January to 3 February 2011, at the European Parliament, Brussels, third floor of the ASP building (in front of the distribution area).
Media announcement for the exhibition (PDF).
Main exhibition page.

Programme and photos

Download the full programme in PDF format.

Exhibition programme at a glance.

Photos from the event

Contact details

This event is being coordinated by the EMCDDA on behalf of the EU agencies.
Tel. (351) 211 21 02 32/40 (up to 28 January).
Tel. (351) 93 599 40 29 (from 31 January, at the stand).

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