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Federal Drug Policy Note of 2001 (Belgian Federal Government)

Original/alternative title: 
Note politique du Gouvernement fédéral relative à la problématique de la drogue

Although it did not have a defined timeframe, the 2001 Federal Drug Policy Note was adopted as a long-term document designed to provide a comprehensive approach through its focus on illicit and licit substances, including alcohol, tobacco and medicines. The Policy Note’s main goal is the prevention and limitation of risks for drug users, their environment and society as a whole. Three pillars are used to articulate the comprehensive approach taken, covering the areas of: (i) prevention of drug consumption; (ii) harm reduction, assistance and re-integration; and (iii) enforcement. In addition, provision was made for the establishment of a system of coordination units at the federal level, integrating representatives of the federal state, the regions and the communities. The five main principles of Belgian drug policy are stated in the Policy Note: (i) a global and integrated approach; (ii) evaluation, epidemiology and scientific research; (iii) prevention for non-(problematic) users; (iv) treatment, risk reduction and reintegration for problematic users; and (v) repression for producers and traffickers.


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