Netherlands Country Drug Report 2018

Public expenditure

While understanding the costs of drug-related actions is an important aspect of drug policy, there are no recent data available on the total drug-related public expenditure in the Netherlands or trends in spending. In the Netherlands, no budget is specified and allocated in the drug policy documents and there is no recent overall review of executed expenditures.

A study using 2003 data suggested that total drug-related public expenditure represented 0.5 % of gross domestic product and that the majority of the expenditures were attributed to law enforcement (75 %) and the remainder to treatment (13 %), harm reduction (10 %) and prevention (2 %). Recent estimates suggest that the public sector spent EUR 84 million to implement the Opium Act in 2015.This budget was spent on prevention, police investigation, prosecution, sentencing, implementation of sentences, supporting offenders and victims, and judicial services.

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