Netherlands Country Drug Report 2018

Drug-related research

Drug research in the Netherlands is extensive and covers many domains. Public funding of drug-related research is mainly delegated to intermediary agencies, although ministries and municipalities also directly fund research projects. Many academic institutions are involved in drug research, sometimes in collaboration with researchers from institutes for addiction care. An annual Forum on Alcohol and Drugs Research is organised for drug researchers to stay informed about recent developments. A study is ongoing to identify research gaps in Dutch addiction care, which could serve as a basis for a research agenda for the coming years.

Researchers from the Netherlands publish their work in national and international scientific journals. Research findings are translated into practice through multidisciplinary evidence-based guidelines, protocols and training materials. Reports on research findings are disseminated through various websites, such as the Trimbos Institute, Foundation Scoring Results and the Dutch Addiction Association.

Recent drug-related studies mainly focus on aspects related to the consequences of drug use, responses to the drug situation and prevalence, incidence and patterns of drug use. Studies on the mechanisms of drug use and their effects, methodology issues, and supply and markets are also carried out. The Ministry of Justice and Security and the Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry (WODC), in particular, fund research carried out by various universities. The WODC also conducts research (focusing on monitoring of organised crime and criminal recidivism of offenders).

The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development coordinates the European Research Area Network on Illicit Drugs (ERANID).

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