Sweden Country Drug Report 2017

National drug strategy and coordination

National drug strategy

Sweden’s national drug strategy, A Comprehensive Strategy for Alcohol, Narcotics, Doping and Tobacco (ANDT), adopted in 2016, covers the period 2016-20. Its overarching goal is to have a society free from narcotics and doping, reduced medical and social harm from alcohol, and reduced tobacco use. The ANDT strategy represents one of 11 objectives of the national public health policy, and it addresses both licit (alcohol and tobacco) and illicit (narcotics and doping) substances. The ANDT policy takes as its starting point the right of every person to have the best possible physical and mental health. It supports restrictions on personal freedoms in order to protect public health through, for example, the Swedish alcohol monopoly, age limits for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco, and the criminalisation of narcotics and doping. The ANDT strategy is structured around six objectives and it defines fields of action for each objective.

Sweden follows up on and evaluates its drug policy and strategy using routine indicator monitoring aimed at describing developments related to the ANDT strategy’s objectives. In 2015, a final evaluation of the Strategy for Alcohol, Narcotics, Doping and Tobacco (2011-15) was completed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. It considered the implementation of the strategy, its design, and the development of the successor strategy for the period 2016-20.

National coordination mechanisms

At central government level, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is responsible for work related to the ANDT strategy. The Public Health Agency of Sweden is responsible for strategic and operation coordination of the implementation of the ANDT strategy. The National ANDT Council is a forum for dialogue on development, commitments and needs for measures between the government and relevant agencies and other organisations that are important for achieving the objectives of the ANDT strategy. At regional level, 21 county administrative boards coordinate and support the implementation of the ANDT strategy in each county.

Focus of national drug strategy documents: illicit drugs or broader

NBYear of data 2015. Strategies with broader focus may include, for example, licit drugs and other addictions.


Sweden’s national drug strategy, A Comprehensive Strategy for Alcohol, Narcotics, Doping and Tobacco, covers the period 2016-20

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