Quality assurance in Slovenia 2017

Slovenia Country Drug Report 2017

Quality assurance

The National Programme on Illicit Drugs 2014-20 and the National Social Care Programme 2013-20 are the key documents regulating the areas of drugs and social welfare, which provide for quality drug use prevention programmes, drug treatment programmes and social care programmes. The provision of quality programmes is also stipulated by individual laws in the areas of drugs, social welfare and the organisation of the healthcare system; these laws prescribe courses of action for the management and supervision of treatment programmes and for the treatment of those enrolled in social care programmes.

Drug use assessment and treatment programmes must meet regulatory requirements to be recognised as quality programmes and to be eligible to receive public funding. Major requirements include the programmes’ professional relevance, which is evaluated on an ongoing basis. In the area of drug dependence treatment, methods for ensuring the professional relevance of the programmes are proposed and evaluated by the CPTDAs, the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, expanded professional boards and the Health Council. There is also a commission in place that oversees the CPTDAs. This commission is appointed by the Minister of Health and checks the documentation, human resources and equipment of the centres, the scope of work performed, methadone maintenance treatment programmes and other forms of treatment.

The implementation of social care programmes is monitored by the Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. All verified public social care programmes are part of a uniform system for evaluating the achievement of the programmes’ goals, which ensures that they are comparable to related programmes.

In the field of prevention, a number of activities have been implemented to increase the quality of evidence-based programme provision. In 2012, recommendations were issued for school-based prevention by one NGO, based on literature reviews and the evaluation of the Unplugged programme; however, these recommendations have not been accepted at the national level. In addition, an initiative was taken to set up a nationwide model for the evaluation of drug prevention activities. In 2014, Slovenia started to work actively on developing and implementing a quality assurance system for drug prevention programmes and began setting quality standards for drug prevention programmes, which were finalised and released in a publication in 2016.

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