Public expenditure in Slovakia 2017

Slovakia Country Drug Report 2017

Public expenditure

Understanding of the costs of drug-related actions is an important aspect of drug policy.

In Slovakia, drug policy documents have no associated budgets and estimates for the total executed expenditures are not made on a regular basis. A study of the total drug-related expenditure in Slovakia estimated that total drug-related public expenditure represented 0.05 % of gross domestic product (GDP) or EUR 21.3 million in 2006. Around 63 % of the total public expenditure was allocated for public order and safety, 15 % for treatment, 8 % for prevention, 2 % for coordination, 1 % for education, less than 1 % for harm reduction and 10.3 % for other drugrelated areas.

The available information does not allow trends in drugrelated public expenditures in Slovakia to be reported.

Public expenditure related to illicit drugs in Slovakia

NBBased on estimates of Slovakia's labelled and unlabelled public expenditure in 2006.


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