Slovakia Country Drug Report 2017

Drug markets

Supply from neighbouring countries plays an increasingly import role in the illicit drug market in Slovakia, though domestic production is also reported to occur. Herbal cannabis and methamphetamine remain the most frequently seized illicit drugs in the country. Reports indicate that both drugs are increasingly sourced from the Czech Republic. In addition, herbal cannabis is supplied by domestic growers of Vietnamese ethnic origin; and a role for these groups in domestic methamphetamine production and distribution activities has also increasingly been identified. Domestic methamphetamine production is reported to primarily take place in small ‘kitchen-type’ laboratories, using ephedrine or over-the-counter medicines containing pseudoephedrine. Beyond the supply of the domestic market, police data and information indicate that methamphetamine produced in Slovakia may also be intended for further distribution to Hungary. Heroin, originating from Afghanistan and trafficked via the Balkan route, reaches Slovakia typically facilitated by Albanian criminal groups, while distribution throughout the country may be carried out in cooperation with retail networks managed by criminal groups of the Roma community.

In 2015, nine NPS were reported in Slovakia for the first time. NPS, mostly synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones, are imported from the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, or arrive directly from countries in East Asia (mainly China).

Typically, illicit substances are transported into Slovakia by road (in passenger vehicles, by bus or trains), although the use of courier services is increasing.

In 2015, herbal cannabis was involved in the majority of the reported seizures, followed by methamphetamine. However, quantities seized (notably of herbal cannabis) were lower than in 2014.

The retail price and purity of the main illicit substances seized are shown below. With regard to the retail price and purity of methamphetamine in Slovakia, the available data indicate that the mean purity was 63.8 % and that the mean price was EUR 63/g in 2015.

The Slovakian law enforcement agencies focus their activities on the prevention and counteracting of cross-border trafficking of illicit drugs and precursors, in both physical and on-line markets. In addition, the country has been cooperating with international teams and operations to dismantle international organised crime groups.


Drug seizures in Slovakia trends in number of seizures (left) and quantities seized (right)

NB Year of data 2015.


Price and potency/purity ranges of illicit drugs reported in Slovakia:

NBPrice and potency/purity ranges: EU and national mean values: minimum and maximum. Year of data 2015.

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