Public expenditure in Romania 2017

Romania Country Drug Report 2017

Public expenditure

Understanding the costs of drug-related actions is an important aspect of drug policy.

Some of the funds allocated by governments to expenditure on tasks related to drugs are identified as such in the budget (‘labelled’). Often, however, the majority of drug-related expenditure is not identified (‘unlabelled’) and must be estimated using modelling approaches.

In Romania, the financing of drug-related activities is decided annually by the entities in charge of their implementation. Estimates on labelled drug-related public expenditure go back to 2004, but their completeness varies over time. Therefore, it is not possible to provide an estimate of Romanian drug-related public

The budget of the NAA is the only budget item that has consistently been reported over time; however, its value as a proportion of total drug-related expenditure is unknown. In the period 2009-12, on average, the NAA’s budget represented about 0.003 % of gross domestic product (GDP). In 2015, in order to meet the targets of the National Anti-Drug Strategy 2013-20, the NAA ran programmes financed both from the state budget and from external funds. The state budget provided EUR 700 000 and external funds amounted to EUR 3 787 000.

The available information does not allow the total size and trends in drug-related public expenditure in Romania to be reported.

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