Norway Country Drug Report 2017

Quality assurance

The current Action Plan for the Alcohol and Drugs Field specifies the following quality assurance-related objectives: (i) increase the expertise on drug and drug dependence problems in all sectors; (ii) establish a separate national quality register within the interdisciplinary specialised treatment of substance use problems; (iii) increase expertise and establish fixed procedures relating to the exposure and monitoring of drug problems in the municipalities and somatic hospital wards; and (iv) increase competence among municipal healthcare services.

Additionally, there are a number of policies and guidelines that are intended to contribute to quality in services. The Directorate of Health has an ongoing responsibility for deciding on guidelines for healthcare and social services. In recent years, the Health Directorate has published several policies and guidelines for drug treatment. Examples of these are the national guideline for OST, Together in coping (2010), the Guide for local mental healthcare and drugrelated work for adults: a tool for municipalities and the specialist healthcare (2014), Procedures for drug testing (2014) and the National professional guideline for the treatment and rehabilitation of substance abuse and drug dependency (2016).

Beyond the requirements addressed by laws, policies and guidelines, there is no specific accreditation system for the various service providers, either at a local level or at the national level.

There is no specific education system to prepare professionals for working in the area of drug demand reduction, but universities offer a number of educational programmes that target employees of services dealing with drug problems. The regional competence centres in the alcohol and drugs field, as well as the national competence service for interdisciplinary specialised treatment for substance use problems, offer training in the form of various courses and seminars or conferences. Recently, however, a specialised course in drugs and drug dependence medicine for physicians was adopted and will be implemented in 2017.

A specialised course in drugs and drug dependence medicine for physicians will be implemented in 2017

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