Lithuania Drug Report 2017

Country Drug Report 2017

About this report

This report presents the top-level overview of the drug phenomenon in Lithuania, covering drug supply, use and public health problems as well as drug policy and responses. The statistical data reported relate to 2015 (or most recent year) and are provided to the EMCDDA by the national focal point, unless stated otherwise..

At a glance

NB Data presented here are either national estimates (prevalence of use, opioid drug users) or reported numbers through the EMCDDA indicators (treatment clients, syringes, deaths and HIV diagnosis, drug law offences and seizures). Detailed information on methodology and caveats and comments on the limitations in the information set available can be found in the EMCDDA Statistical Bulletin.


National drug strategy and coordination

What are the long-term aims of drug policy in the Lithuania ? How are these aims to be achieved? How is drug policy coordinated at national level?

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Public expenditure

Understanding the costs of drug-related actions is an important aspect of policy evaluation.

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Drug laws and drug law offences

What substances and activities does Lithuania control under its drug laws? What are the penalties for offences? How are new psychoactive substances controlled?

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Drug use

How many people in Lithuania have ever used drugs? What drugs have they used? How many have used drugs recently? How many are using drugs in highly risky ways?

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Drug harms

What are the main infectious diseases linked to drug injecting in Lithuania? How many died of drug overdose in the last year? How many drug-related medical emergencies occurred?

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What part does prevention play in Lithuania drug strategy. What are the main prevention approaches used in the country and who do they target?

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Harm reduction

How does Lithuania measure in terms of provision of needle and syringe programmes, peer naloxone programmes, supervised drug consumption rooms and heroin-assisted treatment.

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How is the drug treatment system organised in Lithuania? How is it financed? How is the provision of treatment divided between inpatient and outpatient settings?

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Drug use and responses in prison

Which authorities are responsible for prison health in Lithuania? What forms of drug treatment and harm reduction are provided in prisons, and how widely?

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Quality assurance

What is done in Lithuania to ensure that the prevention and treatment interventions used are effective and provide a good return on public expenditure?

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Drug-related research

In which areas of study is drug-related research carried out in Lithuania? How is this research funded? Are any types of research emphasised in the national drug strategy?

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Drug markets

What is known about drug supply and trafficking in Lithuania? How pure or strong are the drugs available? What do they cost? What are the main aims of supply reduction efforts?

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Key statistics

Key drug statistics for Lithuania

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EU dashboard

Focus on Lithuania

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