Lithuania Country Drug Report 2017

Drug markets

Lithuania is considered a transit country for the trafficking of illicit substances between Western European, Eastern European and Scandinavian countries, mainly by land.

Methamphetamine is the most common illicit drug produced locally. In 2013, three methamphetamine production sites were dismantled in Lithuania, and two were dismantled in 2015. Lithuanian-produced amphetamines are transported by road or ferry to Scandinavian countries, Belarus, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Small quantities of cannabis are cultivated in the country, predominantly in artificial conditions. Cannabis products arrive in Lithuania from the Netherlands or Spain, mainly in transit. Some synthetic stimulants, particularly MDMA tablets in recent years, have been imported from the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

Heroin is smuggled from Central Asian countries through Russia and Belarus, frequently for onward transit to Western European countries. Testing indicates that the purity of the heroin seized has deteriorated in the last few years.

Klaipeda, which is a sea port, remains one of the main entry points for cocaine, although other ways of smuggling the substance, for example by land, postal service and air, are increasingly exploited. Most of the cocaine seized in Lithuania enters from the Netherlands or Germany and is destined for Russia or other European countries.

NPS arrive from China and other Asian countries. Some also arrive from the United Kingdom, Spain and the Czech Republic. Postal courier services are used for the smuggling of NPS. Mail courier services are also increasingly used for transporting small quantities of other illicit drugs, such as MDMA, amphetamines and cannabis resin.

In general, the drug market situation is regarded as stable in Lithuania, although the number of seizures and the quantities seized indicate some annual variations and are highly dependent on the circumstances in which these seizures are made. Cannabis products are involved in the largest proportion of seizures. In 2015, the numbers of seizures involving cannabis resin, methamphetamine and cocaine increased. Moreover, a record amount of cocaine was seized, most of which was in a single seizure. Heroin was the second most frequently seized substance in 2015 and, although the number of heroin seizures has increased in the recent years, the quantities seized show large annual fluctuations. Amphetamines, mainly methamphetamine, were the third most frequently seized illicit drug in Lithuania in 2015

Retail price and purity data of the main illicit substances seized are shown below.


Drug seizures in Lithuania: trends in number of seizures (left) and quantities seized (right)

NB Year of data 2015.


Price and potency/purity ranges of illicit drugs reported in Lithuania





NB Price and potency/purity ranges: EU and national mean values: minimum and maximum. Year of data 2015..


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