Public expenditure in Latvia 2017

Latvia Country Drug Report 2017

Public expenditure

Understanding the costs of drug-related actions is an important aspect of drug policy. Some of the funds allocated by governments to expenditure on tasks related to drugs are identified as such in the budget (‘labelled’). Often, however, the majority of drug-related expenditure is not identified (‘unlabelled’) and must be estimated using modelling approaches.

Latvian policy documents relating to illicit drugs do not have associated budgets, and there is no review of executed expenditures. However, the evaluation of the National Action Plan (2005-08) provided the first overview of central government expenditures.

In 2008, total drug-related labelled public expenditure in Latvia was estimated to amount to 0.01 % of gross domestic product GDP (around EUR 2.2 million), with 35.5 % spent on public order and safety activities, 32.2 % on social protection and 29.1 % on health initiatives. The remaining expenditures contributed to general public services and education activities.

The available information does not permit trends in drugrelated public expenditures in Latvia to be reported.

Public expenditure related to illicit drugs in Latvia

NBBased on estimates of Latvia‘s labelled and unlabelled central government expenditure in 2008.


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