Drug use and responses in prison in Italy 2017

Italy Country Drug Report 2017

Drug use and responses in prison

Italian regions are responsible for provision of healthcare services in prisons, under the overall coordination of the Ministry of Health. In 2015, approximately one quarter of inmates were considered ‘addicted’.

The Guidelines for National Health Service Interventions for the Protection of the Health of Persons Incarcerated or Institutionalized within the Prison System and Minors Subject to Criminal Proceedings and Penalties identify strategies for prevention and care, as well as organisational models for the restructuring of existing prison services to meet the same essential levels of care that have been adopted for the general population. These guidelines reiterate that the SerDs should provide these services inside institutions, in collaboration with the ASL and the network of health and social services engaged in demand reduction. In order to implement the guidelines, the cooperation between the Department of Prison Administration with the Regions and ASL has been enhanced.

The Prison Service monitors the examinations of prisoners for selected infections. Most prisons cooperated with nongovernmental organisations on the implementation of drug related activities.

In 2015, approximately one quarter of inmates were considered ‘addicted’ in Italy

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