Quality assurance in Czech Republic 2017

Czech Republic Country Drug Report 2017

Quality assurance

The action plan for illicit drugs for 2016-18 of the National Drug Policy Strategy defines a number of actions that are related to the quality assurance system. There are several guidelines (standards) governing the operation of centres, facilities, and programmes. These guidelines are primarily represented by the certification standards of the GCDPC, which have been in operation since 2006. Compliance with these standards is tested as part of the certification process. Conceived as an inter-agency instrument, these guidelines currently cover a wide range of health, social health and social services, including prisons. Guidelines on diagnosis-based procedures include the Recommended Treatment Procedures for Addiction Disorders and Pathological Gambling and the Health Ministry’s standards for opioid substitution treatment.

The GCDPC coordinates the system of quality assurance, but an external agency carries out the audits as part of the certification process. The GCDPC makes the final decision on certification.

Substantial efforts have been made in recent years to enhance the quality of primary prevention programmes by standardisation; certification and training; and sharing experience and best practice. The certification system for prevention programmes exists in parallel with that of GCDPC and, to date, the Czech Republic remains the only country in the world that has introduced a certification system for prevention programmes.

In the Czech Republic, a medical specialisation in the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions has existed since 1980; psychiatrists are required to complete a specialised course on addiction disorders. In 2005, addictology was recognised as an interdisciplinary field of study and a bachelor’s academic programme in addictology was introduced (master’s and doctoral programmes were introduced later), which led to the establishment of the profession of addictologist in 2008. An accredited qualification enhancement course is also available for health professionals who would like provide preventive, treatment and rehabilitation care without professional supervision in the field of addictology. In general, many training courses and educational events in the field of addiction are organised by various actors.

The Czech Republic remains the only country in the world that has introduced a certification system for prevention programmes

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