Drug use and responses in prison in Cyprus 2017

Cyprus Country Drug Report 2017

Drug use and responses in prison

In Cyprus, there is one prison and several police stations where arrestees can be kept in short-term detention. In general, the average number of inmates is below 1 000, and approximately half of them are non-Cypriots.

No studies have been conducted on drug use prevalence in the prison. The history of drug use and related problems of each prisoner are assessed on admission to the prison, during which time inmates are also informed about all available prison services.

Medical services are provided by the Ministry of Health, which appoints relevant health staff. In cases where specific health services cannot be provided inside the prison, inmates are referred to services outside the prison.

The drug treatment programme in prison started operating at the end of 2015, offering individual counselling. Pharmacologically assisted treatment is also available, including OST; however, this is limited to those who received the treatment prior to imprisonment. The treatment offered abides by the drug treatment and prevention guidelines provided by the CAC, which specify the drug services to be offered in the prison.

In addition, inmates are offered free testing and treatment for hepatitis B virus (HBV), HCV, HIV, tuberculosis and syphilis. No other harm reduction services are available in prison. In recent years, a mechanism has developed through which inmates are referred to a therapeutic community.

Because of the lack of aftercare offered to inmates upon release, a proposal has been made for the development of a Hosting and Reintegration Centre for people who are released from prison and face drug-related problems. The centre would offer housing for a limited period to those without accommodation, along with the provision of social reintegration and support. In addition, the centre could offer counselling and referral to available services. The proposal will be forwarded to the Inter-Ministerial Drugs Committee

Drug treatment programmes in prison started operating at the end of 2015, offering individual counselling

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