Drug use and responses in prison in Bulgaria 2017

Bulgaria Country Drug Report 2017

Drug use and responses in prison

A national survey on the use of psychoactive substances among a sample of 3 000 prison inmates found that approximately 7 % had used cannabis in the month prior to their imprisonment, 4 % had used amphetamines, 4 % had used heroin, 3 % had used methamphetamine and 2 % had used methadone without prescription. One in 10 inmates reported the use of illicit drugs at some point during their term of imprisonment, with cannabis being the most commonly reported substance.

Inmates who exhibit symptoms of drug or alcohol dependency on entering prison are monitored by a psychiatrist and they can also be subject to mandatory treatment.

Drug treatment options in prison include methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) and educational programmes. In 2014, 77 inmates received MMT. In addition, short- and medium-term programmes based on cognitive and behavioural approaches that target mainly alcohol users are implemented in Bulgarian prisons.

Voluntary and anonymous HIV testing is offered to all inmates. Additionally, various cultural, educational and training activities are conducted in cooperation with NGOs.

In 2014, a total of 77 inmates received methadone maintenance treatment

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