Quality assurance in Austria 2017

Austria Country Drug Report 2017

Quality assurance

In Austria, quality assurance is defined by the Austrian Addiction Prevention Strategy as a supporting process, consisting of research, evaluation, documentation, planning and coordination, as well as training and continuing education. The quality of demand reduction interventions is ensured through regular training for professionals, and the quality standards that are embedded into the funding applications for prevention and treatment programmes. In the context of treatment, quality assurance tools include the establishment of expert committees concerning OST and the accreditation of treatment facilities. The Ministry of Health sets the accreditation criteria, which focus on the structural characteristics of treatment facilities. Only services that had received accreditation are eligible to receive funding from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice.

Most provincial strategies in Austria contain specific plans to support quality assurance, such as the publication of standards for demand reduction activities (from prevention to drug treatment and social reintegration), implementing evaluations of interventions, establishing regional networks of different professionals and supporting medical doctors, as well as organising/continuing specific training activities. There are specific curricula for preventing addiction and a variety of continuing education courses/training are being implemented in the area of prevention and treatment.

Most provincial strategies in Austria contain specific plans to support quality assurance

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