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Xchange is an online registry of evidence-based prevention programmes. It is currently in pilot phase. Use the options below to find prevention programmes. Read more about Xchange here

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The Xchange prevention registry is a collaborative effort between the EMCDDA and a number of partner organisations. Learn more about our partners here.

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Programme title Date added Countries where evaluated Xchange rating
REBOUND - a media-based life skills and risk education programme for 14-25 year olds in school settings 15.02.2019 Germany Additional studies recommended
Life Skills Training in Lombardy (LST) - a classroom-based universal prevention programme to reduce the long-term risk of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in middle-school 15.02.2019 Italy Additional studies recommended
Trampoline - a selective prevention programme to prevent substance use disorders in children from vulnerable families 15.02.2019 Germany Additional studies recommended
Tú decides – It´s Up To You - a school-based dependency prevention programme for youth focusing on drug initiation and use 15.02.2019 Spain Additional studies recommended
PROTEGO - a selective intervention programme for the prevention of tobacco, alcohol and other drug use in the family 15.02.2019 Spain Additional studies recommended
Vienna Social Competence Training (ViSC) - a multimodal training for school classes to strengthen pupils’ sense of class commitment, the perception of responsibility and to foster non-bullying and nonaggressive behaviour in conflict situations 23.10.2018 Austria, Germany Possibly beneficial
Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme - a school-wide programme designed to prevent bullying amongst children 23.10.2018 Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, Norway, United Kingdom, USA Likely to be beneficial
Aggression Replacement Training (ART) - a three component programme for young male juvenile offenders to teach pro-social behaviours, reduce and control aggression and promote higher level of moral reasoning 23.10.2018 Australia, Norway, Sweden, USA Additional studies recommended
Community Parent Education Programme (COPE) - a large-group community-based programme for parents of children with behavioural disorder symptoms 23.10.2018 Sweden Likely to be beneficial
Incredible Years - Child Treatment - a comprehensive programme for parents, teachers, and children to prevent, reduce, and treat behavioural and emotional problems in children with ODD or/and ADHD 23.10.2018 Ireland, Norway, USA, United Kingdom Additional studies recommended


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