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This page describes the governance of the Xchange prevention registry.

Review Board

The review board of Xchange meets once a year at EUSPR or LisbonAddiction Conferences in Lisbon and updates the evidence rating scores of existing or new entries in Xchange. It is composed of one member of the Scientific Committee of the EMCDDA, members of the European Society for Prevention Research, EMCDDA staff members and appointed experts.

Currently, the members are:

European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR):

David Foxcroft, EUSPR Past President
Professor of Community Psychology and Public Health
Oxford Brookes University

Nick Axford, EUSPR Board Member
Associate Professor of Health Services Research, University of Plymouth, UK
Senior Associate, Dartington Service Design Lab, UK

EMCDDA Scientific Committee:

Catherine Comiskey, Vice Chair
Professor of Healthcare Modelling and Statistics,
School of Nursing and Midwifery,
Trinity College Dublin,
Declaration of independence
Declaration of interest

Prof. Fabrizio Faggiano
Past-President Italian Association of Epidemiology
Department of Translational Medicine
Università del Piemonte Orientale
Via Solaroli 17
28100 Novara (I)

Declaration of independence
Declaration of interest


Marica Ferri and Gregor Burkhart


The Advisory and Coordination Group

The Advisory Board consists of representatives from the National Registries that are already in place: in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Poland and UK.

It decides about having common criteria for the evidence ratings of entries, about linking some entries between the registries, and whether entries from a national registry should be put into Xchange, i.e. the European registry. This coordination group meets irregularly or only online.

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