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This database gives you access to the latest evidence on drug-related interventions. The information is based on systematic searches is updated regularly. To get started use the search boxes below. Click here for more information about the Evidence database (including methods).

List of Evidence Summaries
Title Area Substance Target group(s) or setting(s) Evidence rating
Intensive family-based programmes to prevent smoking Prevention tobacco families Beneficial
Pharmacy access to syringes to reduce injecting risk behaviour Harm reduction amphetamines, opioids PWID – people who inject drugs Beneficial
Opioid substitution treatment (with methadone) in prison to reduce post-release injection drug use Treatment opioids prison Beneficial
Psychosocial interventions vs treatment as usual to reduce criminal activity (re-incarceration) in female drug-using offenders Treatment not-drug specific women, prison Beneficial
Comprehensive community-based programmes targeting high-risk youth Prevention alcohol, not-drug specific, cannabis, tobacco communities, school, young people Beneficial
Multicomponent programme based on community mobilisation to reduce night time traffic injuries Prevention alcohol communities, partygoers/nightlife Beneficial
Substitution agonist treatments for opiate dependent pregnant women over assisted withdrawal Treatment opioids women Beneficial
Methadone substitution treatment vs opioid withdrawal to retain patients in treatment and reduce use Treatment opioids Beneficial
Training for alcohol servers and owners/managers to reduce night-time traffic accidents Beneficial
HBV, HCV and HIV testing upon admission in prison to reduce transmission Harm reduction not-drug specific prison Beneficial

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