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This database gives you access to the latest evidence on drug-related interventions. The information is based on systematic searches is updated regularly. To get started use the search boxes below. Click here for more information about the Evidence database (including methods).

List of Evidence Summaries
Title Area Substance Target group(s) or setting(s) Evidence ratingsort descending
Dedicated drink-driving programmes to change clients behaviours in relation to travel in a car with an intoxicated driver Prevention alcohol partygoers/nightlife Unknown effectiveness
Needle and syringe programmes in prison to reduce HIV and HCV Harm reduction opioids prison Likely to be beneficial
Life skill and social influence–based interventions to reduce any drug use Prevention not-drug specific school Beneficial
Interventions for drug-using offenders with co-occurring mental illness to reduce drug use and re-arrest Treatment co-morbidity dual-diagnosis patients, prison Unknown effectiveness
Educational interventions in recreational settings to influence attitudes and drinking behaviour Prevention alcohol partygoers/nightlife Evidence of ineffectiveness
Life skill and social influence–based interventions to reduce cannabis use Prevention cannabis school Beneficial
Pharmacological treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and substance use disorders Treatment co-morbidity dual-diagnosis patients Unknown effectiveness
Multi-component prevention programs for alcohol misuse in young people Prevention alcohol communities, families, school, young people Likely to be beneficial
Opioid withdrawal with antagonists under minimal sedation to retain patients and reduce relapses Treatment opioids Unknown effectiveness
Drug consumption rooms to reduce HIV and HCV Harm reduction amphetamines, opioids PWID – people who inject drugs Unknown effectiveness

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