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This database gives you access to the latest evidence on drug-related interventions. The information is based on systematic searches is updated regularly. To get started use the search boxes below. Click here for more information about the Evidence database (including methods).

List of Evidence Summaries
Title Area Substance Target group(s) or setting(s) Evidence rating
Opioid substitution treatment (with methadone) in prison to increase post-incarceration community treatment engagement Treatment opioids prison Beneficial
Promotion of sensible alcohol consumption to reduce traffic accident Prevention alcohol partygoers/nightlife Beneficial
Life skill and social influence–based interventions to reduce any drug use Prevention not-drug specific school Beneficial
School-based multiple risk behaviour interventions to prevent alcohol use Prevention alcohol young people Beneficial
Street-level drug policing to reduce drug offences and drug-related calls for service Prevention not-drug specific communities, law enforcement Beneficial
Ecological family-based treatments to reduce adolescent substance use Treatment alcohol, cannabis families, young people Beneficial
Provision of HBV vaccination in prison to reduce transmission Harm reduction not-drug specific prison Beneficial
Multidimensional family therapy (MDFT) vs. individual psychotherapy (IP) on retention in treatment and to reduce use Treatment cannabis families, young people Beneficial
Opioid substitution treatment (OST) to reduce HIV and risk behaviour Harm reduction opioids PWID – people who inject drugs Beneficial
Psychosocial interventions with substitution treatment to reduce use and mortality Treatment opioids Beneficial

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