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Information on the treatment demand key indicator (TDI)



Treatment demand key epidemiological indicator

Treatment demand indicator (TDI)

The treatment demand indicator (TDI) is one of five key epidemiological indicators which contribute to the overall EMCDDA aim of providing objective, reliable and comparable information at a European level concerning drugs, drug addiction and their consequences (EU action plan on drugs 2000–04). This information is intended to provide the Community and Member States with, ‘a better understanding of the drugs problem and the development of an optimal response to it through a measurable and sustainable improvement in the knowledge base and knowledge infrastructure’ (EU drugs strategy, 2005–12).
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Reported data

The data collected through the TDI key indicator is published annually as part of the EMCDDA's Statistical bulletin. Direct links to the TDI data set for recent years can be found below:

Data is used in many EMCDDA products, including in the following key ressources:

TDI Methods and Definitions
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