EMCDDA scientific award

The scientific award celebrates scientific writing and distinguishes high-quality research in the field of illicit drugs. Scientific papers judged to enhance understanding of the European drug problem are acknowledged yearly in an award ceremony.

This year’s awards presentation will take place in the framework of Lisbon Addictions 2017, 24-26 October.

Learn more about the 2017 winners

Winners 2017

The winning articles, chosen from a selection of over 45 papers, are:


A total of 15 articles were shortlisted in 5 different categories. For a full overview, see shortlists with authors and links to abstracts.


Nomination and eligibility

The award showcases innovative research in the drugs field. Each year, the EMCDDA asks its partners to nominate papers focusing on illicit drugs or new psychoactive substances. The articles will have been published in the previous year in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, with the primary author being of European nationality or based in a European country.

Each nominated paper should be classified according to the following research fields: basic biological, neurobiological and behavioural research (including aetiological and addictive behaviour research); population based and clinical epidemiology; markets and drug cultures (including production, trafficking, crime and ethnographic studies); demand reduction interventions (including prevention, treatment, harm reduction, reintegration and clinical treatment); drug policy and supply reduction interventions.