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Information on the high-risk drug use (HRDU) (formerly 'problem drug use' (PDU)) key indicator



High-risk drug use* key epidemiological indicator
* formerly known as 'problem drug use (PDU)'

High-risk drug use (HRDU)

This key indicator collects data on the prevalence and incidence of high-risk drug use (HRDU) at national and local level. It was formerly called problem drug use (PDU). The indicator, which has recently been revised mainly due to the changing drug situation, focuses on ‘recurrent drug use that is causing actual harms (negative consequences) to the person (including dependence, but also other health, psychological or social problems), or is placing the person at a high probability/risk of suffering such harms’.
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Reported data

The data collected through the HRDU key indicator is published annually as part of the EMCDDA's Statistical bulletin. Direct links to the HRDU data set for recent years can be found below:

Data is used in many EMCDDA products, including in the following key resources:

Expert meetings

Information on expert meetings will include the agenda, list of participants, minutes and presentations will be available shortly.

For the time being this is available in a password-restricted area, accessible to experts participating in the meetings and the national focal points and can be accessed here: password restrcited area.


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