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Expert meeting: A comparative analysis of national treatment systems, 25-26 June 2014, Lisbon



EMCDDA event: 25-26 June 2014, Lisbon

Meeting title: 'A comparative analysis of national treatment systems'

The EMCDDA adopted in 2013 a systems based approach for their routine treatment data collection from National Focal Points. The adopted systems based approach requests data, in a standardized and comparable form (‘treatment system map’), regarding clients and units of all providers composing national treatment systems beyond those covered by national TDI-based monitoring systems. This approach provides greater insight into the extent of treatment availability and diversification at national level and allows to develop estimates of total treatment provision. However, this approach also comes at a high cost in terms of data quality as the control of client double counting between providers is highly reduced and consequently is likely to produce inflated estimates. In the first instance, work on the systems-based approach focusses on supporting NFPs in improving capacity to develop reliable treatment estimates at national level national and in harmonising data on treatment systems across EU countries.

In this regard, the a two day expert meeting brought together experts from 10 Member States to work together with EMCDDA experts towards achieving these objectives.

  • Day 1: Development of a methodological toolkit to improve national estimates of the total number of people in drug treatment

  • Day 2: Identify dimensions and typologies of European treatment systems to carry out a comparative analysis of national drug treatment systems in Europe

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