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Scientific coordination

The main purpose of the creation of a Scientific coordination and of the post of Scientific director is to give a more integrated and consistent approach to the problem-solution cycle, with special focus on providing the scientifically sound information and advice required by policymakers. To achieve this, the Scientific director should strengthen the overall coordination of the agency’s scientific activities and give greater coherence, common purpose and leadership, aiming at improving the overall quality and rigour of the agency’s scientific work and outputs. In short, the Scientific director should further raise the agency’s scientific reputation to increase its usefulness and relevance for policymakers.

Mission statement:

The principal aims are:

  • to provide the EMCDDA with the technical capacities necessary to deliver the agency’s mission of providing factual, objective, reliable and comparable information intended to help the EU and Member States when taking measures or deciding on action;
  • to ensure that EU Member States, through the EMCDDA, have at their disposal high-quality tools and a methodologically sound framework to collect reliable and comparable data on the European drug problem and the solutions applied to it;
  • to help the EMCDDA accomplish its mission of being a centre of excellence for reporting on all aspects of the drug phenomenon in Europe;
  • to ensure that that the EMCDDA’s scientific work is carried out rigorously, impartially and with high technical standards, and that its scientific activities are well planned and efficiently managed;
  • to provide a strong internal and external voice for the agency’s scientific work and ensure that the scientific staff are valued, well motivated and share a strong sense of common purpose.

Page last updated: Friday, 29 June 2018