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Scientific Committee

The Council regulation establishing the EMCDDA provides for the institutionalisation of the Centre’s Scientific Committee. This Committee advises and assists the Management Board and the Director and delivers its opinion on any scientific aspect of the Centre's activities which the Board or the Director submit to it. The Committee consists of at most fifteen well-known scientists appointed by the Management Board in view of their scientific excellence and their independence, following a publication of a call for expressions of interest in the Official Journal of the European Union. The selection proceedure ensures that the specialist fields of the members of the Scientific Committee cover the most relevant scientific fields linked to the problems of drug and drug addiction. The members of the Scientific Committee are appointed in a personal capacity and give their opinions completely independently of the Member States and the Community Institutions and serve for a three-year period (renewable). For the purpose of implementing the Council Decision on the information exchange, risk-assessment and control of new psychoactive substances (2005/387/JHA), the Scientific Committee may be extended following the procedure laid down in Article 6 of that Decision.

The Scientific Committee is requested by the EMCDDA founding regulation to give a formal opinion on the three-year/annual work programmes on the basis of a draft submitted by the Centre's Director before it is presented to the Management Board. The Scientific Committee reviews many of the EMCDDA publications with regard to their scientific quality, plays an important role in the risk assessment of new psychoactive substances and supports the different working areas of the EMCDDA. Since its constitution, the Scientific Committee has established itself as an important pillar of the EMCDDA’s institutional life, ensuring the scientific legitimacy of the Centre and providing for continuous improvement of the main outputs.

Chair Prof. Dr Gerhard Bühringer (Nationality: German)

Prof. Dr Gerhard Bühringer, a psychologist, held the position of Vice Chair of the Scientific Committee from May 2011 to April 2014. He is Managing Director of the German Institut für Therapieforschung (IFT) and Professor for Addiction Research at the Technische Universitaet, Dresden. His research focuses on a range of issues, including: aetiology and the course of substance use disorders and pathological gambling, including vulnerability and risk factors. In addition, Prof. Dr Bühringer sits on a number of national and international scientific committees and advisory boards, including: the German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS) and the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE).

Vice-Chair Dr Anne Line Breteville-Jensen (Nationality: Norwegian)

Dr Anne Line Breteville-Jensen is an economist. She is the Research Director at the Norwegian Institute of Alcohol and Drug Research, Chair of the editorial board of Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs and serves on a number of scientific committees and advisory boards. Her research focuses mainly on illicit drug markets, influences of drug uptake, methodological issues, drug policy and choice theoretical perspectives on addiction.

Both are members of a variety of prestigious editorial boards and peer-review panels and have published extensively in the field of drugs and drug addiction.

Rules of procedure
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