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Risks to public safety and security (SAS) unit

The formation of this unit recognises the increasing importance of supply and supply reduction data in the EMCDDA’s reporting and analysis. It also benefits from some of the natural synergies that exist with aspects of the work involved in the European early warning system on new psychoactive substances. The unit has a transversal role in coordinating the synthesis of data from different sources to allow the more timely identification and dissemination of information on new trends and potential threats. The unit focuses on supply and supply reduction data, including the issues related to drug-related crime, as well as on the early warning system, risk assessment and other tasks necessary to fulfil the EMCDDA’s obligations with respect to the Council decision on new psychoactive substances.

Mission statement: To analyse and to ensure improved comparability, objectivity and reliability of existing data on supply and supply reduction.

The unit’s principal aims are:

  • to provide a central reference point for collecting analysing and reporting on drug supply and supply reduction issues, through the development and implementation of comparable and scientifically rigorous tools and mechanisms;
  • to understand better the operation and functioning of drug markets and issues related to drug-related crime;
  • to conduct all tasks necessary for the effective operation of the early warning system and risk assessment mechanism on new psychoactive substances and ensure that the EMCDDA fulfils its obligations with respect to the Council decision on new psychoactive substances;
  • to coordinate the synthesis of data on new trends and potential threats and thereby facilitate the reporting of new developments in a more timely and effective manner.
Risks to public safety and security (SAS) unit
Head of unit Roumen Sedefov
Administrative agent Paulete Duque
Administrative agent Anna Dziewior
Action on new drugs sector
Head of sector Ana Gallegos
Scientific analyst — action on new drugs Michael Evans-Brown
Scientific analyst — action on new drugs Rachel Christie
Scientific analyst — action on new drugs Rita Jorge
Scientific analyst new psychoactive substances Joanna de Morais
Database agent Anabela Almeida
Markets, crime and supply reduction sector
Head of sector Andrew Cunningham
Principal scientific analyst supply reduction Laurent Laniel
Scientific analyst drug supply indicators Teodora Groshkova
Scientific analyst/writer drug markets and drug related crime Tim Surmont
Scientific analyst — law enforcement
Seconded National Expert
Tiberiu Stoian

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