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Reitox and external partners (RTX) unit

The main role of theReitox and external partners unit is to coordinate a network of National focal points (NFPs), set up in the 28 EU Member States, Norway, the European Commission and in the candidate countries. Together, these information collection and exchange points form Reitox, the European information network on drugs and drug addiction.

Mission statement:The mission of the Reitox and external partners unit is:

  • to assist the scientific departments of the EMCDDA in coordinating the collection of the data in all Member States through the Reitox National focal points;
  • to assist the National focal points in their active participation in the EMCDDA work programmes, namely the implementation of the key indicators and other core data, at national level, and in the production of their national reporting (national report, standard tables and structured questionnaires);
  • to promote the Reitox-based model for data collection on drugs in Europe.

Page last updated: Friday, 29 June 2018