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Map of Romania

National Anti-drug Agency

37th Unirii Boulevard, Bl. A4
3rd District
Tel. +40 213164797
Fax +40 213164797

Head of focal point: Ms Ruxanda Iliescu
Email: ruxanda.iliescu[a]ana.gov.ro

The Romanian national focal point is located within the Romanian Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, a directorate of the National Anti-drug Agency under the remit of the Ministry of Administration and Interior. The Agency is coordinated by a president with the rank of secretary of state within the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, who is appointed by a decision of the Prime Minister to act as agency president. The responsibilities of the president include: issuing decisions that must be acted upon by all the state institutions involved in fighting against drugs; coordinating the drafting of the national anti-drug strategy and related action plans; furthering cooperation between state institutions, NGOs and other drugs organisations; monitoring and approving national programmes in the field of drug demand and drug supply reduction.

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