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External evaluation 2007

How effective is the EMCDDA?

(30.1.2008) ‘How effective is the EMCDDA?’, ‘Is it achieving its tasks and goals?’, ‘What benefits is it providing for the EU and its Member States?’ and ‘Are its activities coherent with those launched by the EU institutions in the drugs field?’. These were among the questions addressed in an independent evaluation of the agency, undertaken at the initiative of the European Commission in 2007. The results of the year-long exercise, carried out by the UK-based Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services (CSES), were presented to the EMCDDA Management Board in December 2007 and are released today on the agency’s website

How important is the EMCDDA's role in providing the information needed by policy-makers?

How do you rate the quality of the various EMCDDA publications and other information?

 Evaluation work plan

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Further reading
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Final report (12.12.2007)
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Executive summary
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