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The Directorate (DIR) consists of the Director and a management team. The Director of the EMCDDA is proposed by the European Commission and appointed by the Centre's Management Board for a renewable five-year period.

Mission statement: Managing the Centre as a whole, namely ensuring that the Centre's objectives and related tasks, set out in the founding regulation, are duly achieved through:

  • preparing and implementing the Centre's work programmes;
  • preparing and implementing the Centre’s budget;
  • preparing and implementing all other decisions and programmes adopted by the Centre's Management Board;
  • preparing a statement of revenue and expenditure and on the implementation of the budget;
  • ensuring the production of the publications required by the Centre's Regulation (EC) no 1920/2006;
  • preparing and implementing all staff matters;
  • ensuring day-to-day administration and management.
Director Alexis Goosdeel
Administrative assistant Elsa Costa
Administrative support agent Magdalena Popova
Data protection officer Ignacio Vázquez Moliní (1)


Executive office (EXO) unit
Head of unit Fabian Pereyra
Principal verifying and risk assessment officer Francisco Sentieiro
Principal officer strategic planning and monitoring Narcisa Murgea
Senior policy officer to Management Board Monika Blum
Planning and scientific agent Renate Hochwieser (2)
Driver   José Maria Courela

(1) Shared assignment with RTX unit.
(2) Shared assignment with SDI unit.


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