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The Directorate (DIR) consists of the Director and a management team. The Director of the EMCDDA is proposed by the European Commission and appointed by the Centre's Management Board for a renewable five-year period.

Mission statement: Managing the Centre as a whole, namely ensuring that the Centre's objectives and related tasks, set out in the founding regulation, are duly achieved through:

  • preparing and implementing the Centre's work programmes;
  • preparing and implementing the Centre’s budget;
  • preparing and implementing all other decisions and programmes adopted by the Centre's Management Board;
  • preparing a statement of revenue and expenditure and on the implementation of the budget;
  • ensuring the production of the publications required by the Centre's Regulation (EC) no 1920/2006;
  • preparing and implementing all staff matters;
  • ensuring day-to-day administration and management.
Director Wolfgang Götz
Administrative assistant .............................
Senior policy officer to Management board Monika Blum
Data protection officer Ignacio Vázquez Moliní*


Governance (GOV) unit
Head of unit Gonçalo Felgueiras e Sousa
Administrative support agent Renate De Neve
Principal verifying and risk assessment officer Francisco Sentieiro
Principal officer diplomatic relations Ignacio Vázquez Moliní*
Principal scientific officer to the Director and international organisations Klaudia Palczak*
Principal officer strategic planning and monitoring Narcisa Murgea
Planning and scientific agent Renate Hochwieser**
Driver   José Maria Courela

* Shared assignment.
** Shared assignment with Scientific division.


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