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Administration (ADM) unit

The work of the Administration team includes: human and material resources; financial and accounting management; planning and evaluation; and documentation and archives.

Mission statement: To enhance the ability of the EMCDDA to function as a best-practice, knowledge-based and service-oriented public administration by:

  • providing in-house high-quality administrative, legal and financial support and advice for the sound management of the EMCDDA activities;
  • ensuring an effective and efficient planning, management and monitoring/control of the use of the EMCDDA resources and assets;
  • ensuring and promoting the implementation of the relevant regulations and procedures applying to the EMCDDA as an EU decentralised agency.
Administration (ADM) unit
Head of unit Dante Storti
Administrative support agent Paula Senra
Budget management officer Veselin Dimitrov
Financial agent Tahir Alimahomed(1)
Accountant Pascal Jonjic
Deputy Accountant Ljiljana Veljkovic-Dieudonné
Financial management sector
Head of sector Nuria Comelles
Administrative assistant Ângela Antunes
Financial assistant Jean-Paul Nkansa
Financial assistant Artur Ferreira
Financial and contractual assistant Catherine Menier
Financial and contractual assistant Vivianne Rodriguez
Financial and administrative agent Ana Moura
Human resources management sector
Head of sector Rui Frango
Administrative status and career development assistant Cristina Paisana
Pecuniary rights and obligations agent Maria da Luz Rodrigues
Privileges and immunities, SNEs, traineeships, interim staff support agent Paola Parga
Recruitment, training and leave management support agent Leila Mekkaoui
Infrastructure and logistics sector
Head of sector Markus Mägerlein
Infrastructure assistant Ana Moreira
Logistics support agent Paulo De Feyter
Reception and mail support agent Nelson Pombeiro
interim staff Amparo Oliver (1)

(1)Shared assignment.

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